Where Our Wines Arise

A land devoted to agriculture that boasts a centuries-old tradition


450 meters above the sea level and 18 km from the sea.


The soil is calcareous and clay also rich in water courses.


Mid clima, windy with temperature variations between night and day.


12 hectares of vines of Nero d'Avola Syrah, Grillo, and Chardonnay.


Vocation Of Territory

Our estate is located on the hills of the Agro di Naro, an area of the Sicilian hinterland, in the province of Agrigento. An area whose clay and limestone soils have, for centuries, challenged the man who grows them but who can give noble, precious and unique raw materials. 

The vineyards here thrive, bred at 450 meters above sea level, thanks also to the favorable pedoclimatic conditions. A mild climate beaten by the winds and sea breezes, temperature differences between day and night, make this part of Sicily an area devoted to viticulture. The other peculiarity of the place is the presence of a lake that occupies about half a hectare that is used for irrigation.


The "Baglio"

The Sicilian Baglio, tangible expression of the island’s history and culture, are fascinating fortified rural complexes that dot the Sicilian landscape. Their origins date back to the period between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, when the local aristocracy, the barons, started a work of colonization of the vast areas of the island, once abandoned and uncultivated.

The Baglio were not only residences but also farms in all respects. Inside them there were stables, warehouses, oil mills and palmenti. Over the centuries they have undergone changes adapting to housing and production needs. From the original spartan environments, we have moved to more elegant residences, equipped with comfortable accommodation and decorative elements.


The Cubburo

In the heart of Sicily, between the vineyards and the hills, rise the cubburi, small buildings in dry stone that testify the millenary history of this island. These archaic tholos huts, built for the shelter of shepherds, are today a symbol of Sicilian culture. Inside our farm there is a splendid example of a Neolithic cube. This ancient building was the starting point for the creation of our wine Cùbburo Riserva Nero d’Avola.