Its straw yellow colour is brilliant and heralds an impressive freshness. It has a wide flower bouquet even fruity and mineral. Delivered to the nose hints of zagara, peach and papaya furthermore aromatic herbs. Well-balanced, reveals freshness and an elegant texture, highlighting a lovely minerality and savouriness. To be paired with fish or fresh cheese, enjoy it with aperitif. Amazing longevity.


Brilliant red ruby colour stands out on the nose scents of red fruits such as plum and cherry are combined with hints of thyme and rosemary. Elegant tannins with a good freshness balanced with alcohol content are felt. Back on the palate the flavour of red fruit already felt on the nose. Lovely long tasting.


It has a shiny red ruby colour also a great texture belonging to a full-body wine. It delivers on the nose hints of blackberries, currant and even black pepper or liquorice. Releases to the palate the same aroma of red fruits felt on the nose. Able to wrap and heat up the mouthfeel immediately, its tannin is strong and elegant at once, and freshness and alcohol content are well balanced. Pleasant after tasting.


t stands up a deep ruby-red colour. A fruity bouquet of cherries, red berries, and currants, with hints of liquorice and chocolate, is highly refined on the nose. Its tannins are soft and velvety, and its texture is elegant and fresh. The first sip will have you hooked on the balanced taste created by spicy and mineral notes.


Deep red ruby coloured on the nose quickly reveals tertiary notes. Cooked fruit and red berry jam are highly felt. The elegant spicy takes turns with natural herbs typical of the biodiversity of the place. The tannin in the mouthfeel is fine with an elegant structure, leading to strong tertiary hints of chocolate, balsamic, jam, and plum. Its aftertaste is really long.