Time Of Ourselves
To Being

Back to origin looking forward, shielding the time and its teaching to share it with the next generations.

About Us

Deep Bound

Our mission is the enhance the Sicilian rural life that respects and shields the natural environment, time, and man.

Baglio Bonsignore is focused on organic and natural farming keeping the tradition and see to the future at once. Baglio Bonsignore is back to the man and mother’s heart. We rediscover the time of the self and the time of being, the time of passion, the time of the family. This is the place chose to live, where we host our guests giving us a journey among Sicilian tradition, culture, and nature. Here grown up our kids meanwhile we farm our enthusiasm and our company. At Baglio Bonsignore, we’re growing dreams and goals.

Terroir and Vineyards

Our Estate

Our vines are located above the hills around the city of Naro known as the homeland of Grillo and Nero d’Avola.


450 meters above the sea level and 18 km from the sea.


The soil is calcareous and clay also rich in water courses.


Mid clima, windy with temperature variations between night and day.


12 hectares of vines of Nero d'Avola Syrah, Grillo, and Chardonnay.

History, Territory

A Unique Territory

The countryside of Naro, near the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, is a territory of the Sicilian hinterland where time seems to have stopped and where the air is still clear. Here, the sandy, clay and limestone soils challenge the man who cultivates them, but give noble, precious and unique raw materials.

At 450 metres above sea level, the Baglio Bonsignore estate covers 15 hectares, 12 of which are planted with vines. This is where we chose to raise our children, our enthusiasm, our company. Our little corner of paradise where we cultivate dreams and perspectives.


Our Wines


IO because of recognizable, self-aware knowledge attainment and unifying element.

Strong Identity

They represent and tell an extraordinary heritage, rich in history, charm, effort, and knowledge. The traits of land, both harsh and generous, emerge from the strong identity of the five labels.


OI means today, it is the moment to seize, the fraction of time that can be made own before it can vanish.


In this piece of Sicily Grillo and Nero d’Avola express their maximum potential while Syrah stands out for its elegance.


It vibrates an olfactory sensation perceived at the beat of the rain on dry earth. So, this is Petricore.


Three basic wines, vinified in steel and two reserve wines, Cubburo and Pietreasecco vinified in French oak barrels are the result of our work.

Wine Experience

Be Inspired

Escape the ordinary and immerse yourself in a timeless destination where tradition and the future intertwine. This is the place where we welcome our guests, inviting them on a captivating journey through vineyards, entwined with the rich tapestry of Sicilian cuisine, culture, and nature.

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Wine Tasting Basic

Wine Tasting Complex

Brunch&Wine Basic

Brunch&Wine Complex

Barocco&Wine Basic

Barocco&Wine Complex


Heart, Arms, Soul

Our Team

Debora GRECO

Debora GRECO

At the helm of the winery stands an individual with a wealth of experience in viticulture and agronomy. The lifeblood of the vineyards and the winery, this individual works closely with the winemaker, overseeing every stage of the production process.
Luigi Bonsignore

Luigi Bonsignore

Sales Manager
At the helm of a leading business consulting firm stands a seasoned professional with two decades of experience. Their expertise spans all facets of business operations, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the corporate world with meticulous precision.
Tonino GUZZO

Tonino GUZZO

Consulente Enologo
A steadfast keeper of Sicilian winemaking heritage, this enologist honors time-honored traditions while embracing innovation with open arms. Their passion for experimentation drives them to explore new techniques and technologies, constantly refining their craft to create wines.

News, Awards, Events

Our Blog

Women’s International Trophy 2024

Women’s International Trophy 2024

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Cubburo, a red rubin blend paired with a cream of broad beans

Cubburo, a red rubin blend paired with a cream of broad beans

It is a beautiful story, a fairy tale, where the protagonists are wine and love but also Debora and Luigi…

Gotten an important award by Amorim Cork

Gotten an important award by Amorim Cork

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