Cubburo, a red rubin blend paired with a cream of broad beans

It is a beautiful story, a fairy tale, where the protagonists are wine and love but also Debora and Luigi Bonsignore who, with their three beautiful children, Simon, Peter and Charles, make up the picture of this Agrigento reality. The place where the winery is located is Naro, in contrada Giddio. Thirteen hectares of which seven are cultivated with Nero d’Avola, Syrah, about four in Grillo and the remaining part that will be planted with Chardonnay.

Here stands Baglio Bonsignore, a winery but also an ambitious project that will see next year the construction of a tourist accommodation to promote wine tourism.

Cubburo, a blend of Nero d’Avola and Syrah, is the wine that represents the beginning of their wine story. Two souls, one autochthonous and the other international that together make a wine of great pleasure and easy to drink. The name is a dedication to an ancient stone building of the Sican period, the Cubburo. The color is ruby red with purple reflections. Intense aromas elegantly invade the nose with a dominant turning towards notes of red fruits and balsamic notes. In summary it is a well balanced wine that highlights the characteristics of Nero d’Avola now of Syrah both in its own identity and in the well defined blend. For its profile, the Cubburo goes well with dishes based on local raw materials such as fava bean macco with ricotta and bottarga.

di Maria Antonietta Pioppo
(la Repubblica, 7 novembre 2019)

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