Drinking Grillo from Naro with tuna

“Love” is the only word that can truly describe this winery. Love in all its forms, because it can be felt in the air, in the interaction with the owners, and of course, in the wine. This is the story of Baglio Bonsignore, the winery in Naro created and realized by Luigi Bonsignore and Debora Greco, a couple in life and in work. Three children, Simone, Pietro and Carlo, and a dream come true: to produce wines that are a symbol of the territory.

The story began a few years ago, in 2016, when the two fell in love with this estate.

The total area, in Contrada Giddio, consists of thirteen hectares, of which seven are planted with Nero d’Avola and Syrah, almost four with Grillo, and the remaining part will be planted with Chardonnay. The vineyards are located at an altitude between three hundred and four hundred meters above sea level. Half a hectare of the estate is occupied by a lake, used for irrigation.

However, the Bonsignore project is much more far-sighted and aims at wine tourism, to further establish the bond with their place of origin. A relais with six rooms, a tasting room open all year round, a restaurant and the winery, which will be located inside an ancient stone building, will be inaugurated at Easter next year.

The king of wines is undoubtedly the Nero d’Avola, which made its debut for the company three years ago, with the Cubburo, blended with 30% Syrah. Then there is also the pure version, a Syrah and a Grillo, also pure.

Oi, Sicilian for today, is the Grillo Doc Sicilia. Oi is also a metaphor for the time that flies and is precious. But there is no hurry in this wine, vintage 2018, which has a straw yellow color with some greenish reflections. Its aromas are very delicate with hints of citrus fruits that emerge and alternate with hints of exotic fruit. On the palate, these notes are pleasantly repeated and, from the very first sip, it is the freshness that takes center stage, making it ready for tasting and for pairing with preparations characterized primarily by a sweet tendency.

And here is one of the most successful combinations with one of the dishes of the Caico trattoria in San Leone, the tuna caponata, where the extreme freshness of the wine creates a beautiful play with the consistency of the tuna.

di Maria Antonietta Pioppo
(la Repubblica, 12 luglio 2019)

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